Well, dry-cleaning use a solvent called perk or hydrocarbon at a very high temperature to clean the cloth and remove the spot or stain. It is not suitable for all clothes. Wet clean is the latest technology using extremely sensitive detergent and conditioner with a little water. It makes sure that if the stain is not removed the cloth will not be damaged at all.

We always read the instructions on your clothes and the sort it out. If your cloth has a high probability of bleeding or getting fade, we deny the service or ask the customer if he/she wants to go for a change.

No, but you should inform the pick-up guy about the specific cloth that is bleeding color.   

You can cancel the order within 30 minutes before express laundry. If you cancel late a charge of 20 rs will be added to your next bill. Also if you cancel more than 5 times continuously we block your I.D., which you can unblock after dropping a mail or calling our customer care centre. We do so because many of the anti-elements generated fake order.

Order normally, just informs the picking agent and we will take care of rest

No, membership is non-transferable.

Approx. 3-4 cloths (Daily wear)

Yes, we will send you SMS every time or you will get it in your app inbox. We believe in sustainable development by saving trees and paperless management.

No, we don’t charge for our package customer or other services, they are free at your doorstep.

But for express laundry, if the weight if less then 3 kg we charge 25 rs extra. And for super express laundry and dry clean, we charge 100 rs.

Kg system is new in India but it is very efficient. Giving different price to every cloth will create chaos and difficult to manage at the user end as well as to the company.

And after all, clothes are clothes we don’t believe in partiality ;-).

No, our agent can pick it from your guard or neighbor. Laundry clothes and dry Clean clothes should be in different bags with a handwritten slip with a signature in each bag.

* Clearcraft is not responsible for any loss of items left unattended.

Yes, we will provide you with a pick- up bag. But you have to return the delivery bag.

Any solution which is used to prevent fungus and bacteria is called antimicrobial solution. It will not only clean the present bacteria but also prevent it from growing.

Even normal jeans cost approx. 2000rs. Cloths are very delicate. We use best in class liquid detergent and conditioners.

When there is a normal stain on cloth or extreme yellow colour on collar, we remove it free of cost. We restore your white and (black)* cloths this service is chargeable.

Other than that we also provide Rafu ( stitching of torn cloth with the same thread )

Yes, in express and super express service.

Yes, but you have to ask for it and it will charge you a little more.

Due to some technical issue, this facility is not available. But you can cancel and order again taking care that you cancel within 30 minutes of your order.

If you book an express laundry or dry clean or any other service and agent don’t find you or anybody at the given address a no-show will be charged with approx. 50 rs. We do so because many of the anti-elements generated fake order.

Yes, we are working on it. And it will be updated in your app.

We have an expert team of professionals working on machines and press. We have a system of feedback and appreciation. Our Human resource team takes written, practical and interview more over the have training of 3 months and us don’t heir an inexperienced person.

Yes, but a MOF (Minimum Order Fee) will be charged will depend on the state to state and in India and abroad.

After the pick up your app will be updated and an approx. cost for dry clean will be told at the time of pick up. For other costs, you can see our price list.  

Its all up to you, if you love his/ her work and want to make their day a little better you can. We would appreciate an opportunities to hear feedback from you anytime you free like.

You can call us from 11 am to 6 pm.


Mail us at hello@theclearcraft.com

If you have costly items, please call us separately to book a special pick-up we will send a locking band, which you can tie yourself and it will be open in the plant. You will get a call to confirm the items to double-check. At the time of delivery again the bag will have a locking band, which only you can open.

First of all, you should double-check the bags in a case 99.99 % of items are found. In case you still did not find it you can call within 24 hours from the time of delivery. We have a world-class tagging system which ensures the safety of even the smallest item. We will solve it within 10 days which is the maximum time.

In case of a rare event we unable to locate your item we will make things right and use industry standards to guide reimbursements.



Reimbursements Guideline

 We are a reputed company dedicated to customer service in every way possible. A human is not perfect misshapen happens sometimes.

We want to do our best to offer you reimbursements and we follow International Fabricare claims guide to do so.

In case we are unable to found the lost item we provide 10 times of the cost of treating the item and in case of package 10 time the cost of dry clean of that particular item.



Caprodo does not take responsibility for items such as gold items, watch, money, rings cell phones etc. forget in the pick-up bag at the time of pick-up. No claims will be entertained in this matter


Legal Disclaimer

Caprodo will not be held responsible for any false claims and will seek reasonable and appropriate compensation from that intent on harming the reputation of Valosia cliste prvt. limited more commonly known as Caprodo. If you have mistakenly received the wrong item, it is your responsibility to notify us and return it.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

All matter of jurisdiction is to solved in Delhi only.

We take the utmost care in the cleaning of your garments and we want to make this right for you. Please read below and see if any of the following situations apply. Finally, all damages must be reported within 24 hours of delivery.

Exceptions to Damaged Items

Normal Wear and Tear

Occasional challenges can arise during the laundering and dry cleaning process due to “normal wear and tear” and in these instances, Clean Craft does not process reimbursement or compensation.

Per industry standards, we consider the following conditions to be “normal wear and tear”:

1. Slight shrinkage from repeated laundering.

2. Slight fading from repeated laundering.

3. Thinning of fabric from repeated laundering.

4. Small rips or tears from repeated laundering. This is especially common in the elbow areas of shirts that are worn frequently.

5. Colour discolouration due to deodorant, perfumes or colognes.

6. Button damage from repeated laundering.


Delicate Clothing Items

We take every precaution to ensure that your items are handled and cleaned properly. One should read the cleaning instructions on all items of clothing before submitting them to us for cleaning. It is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to:

1. A) Ensure that any item submitted to Clean Craft can safely be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions affixed to the clothing label.


If an item is damaged by Clean Craft during the cleaning process due to the customer’s complete or partial neglect of the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and/or failure to relay those instructions to us through “Special Instructions”, then Clean Craft is not responsible for any damage as a result.

Additionally, if Clean Craft adheres to all instructions left in the “Special Instructions” field but damage still occurs, we will not be held responsible for the damage to the item.


Additional Exceptions

The following is the list of conditions in which cannot take responsibility for the damage of clothes, nor are we able to compensate you for any damage to the item:

1. Hand-wash only garments as specified by the manufacturer’s instructions

2. Items in which damage is noted or spotted more than 24 hours after the date of delivery.

We also reserve the right to keep your damaged items/clothes upon providing acclaim or reimbursement, in order to retrieve the cost from our cleaning partner.

Reimbursement Guidelines

We understand that each item of clothing is more than just an object - it’s something that you chose and a reminder of what you’ve done and where you’ve been. For that reason, we want to do our best to offer you a fair reimbursement and we follow the International Fair Claims Guide to do so. Since every case is unique, there are different policies relating to our Dry Cleaning and Wash and Fold services. See below:

• For Dry Cleaning items that are damaged, we will compensate 50% of the current retail value, unless a receipt is offered or proof of price. No full-price compensation will be offered at any time.

• Wash & Fold items that have been damaged will receive compensation based on the weight of the item. It shall not exceed ten (10) times the price of the weight of the wash and fold or cost of that very garment in dry clean.

We are functional at Delhi and will soon start setting up in other part of india.

For package member, they have to pay in advance. For express laundry, dry-clean and other services they can pay later on.

For express laundry = 24 hours approx.

For express Dry-clean = 48 hours approx.

For super express laundry and dry-cleaning = same day delivery

Yes, you can ask for it, you will have next day delivery.    

Yes, we do wash under-garments with your loads and they are treated with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial solution.

As we offer Free stain removal under CR (Caprodo restoration). Even after treatment, they are not removed then you have to go for dry-cleaning or wet clean.

If you are still not satisfied mail us or call   

First, we will Not Charge for it. There are numbers of the reason for it. Before processing our sorting team verify every cloth and if the cloth is not in a condition to wash we either call our customer to inform the risk or return it with due respect.

Quit the app and restart it. If the problem is not solved you can uninstall and download it again. When you log in all your data will be reset.

At the time of scheduling a pic-up fro any service, you can use our offer code available in the special offer section in an application. These offers are available on application only. At the time of generating a bill, you will be provided with the said discount.

We know that it is very irritating. Our offers are for a limited period. Please read all the details and validation of that very offer before applying.

Minimum Order is for Pick n drop only and not for walk ins. For laundry its Rs. 150 & dry cleaning is Rs. 100

The startup cost for a Clean Craft franchise may vary based on factors such as location, franchise size, and equipment needs. With flexible options to suit different budgets, our franchise opportunities start at just 18 lakh.

Prior experience in the laundry industry is optional to become a Clean Craft franchisee. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your success. Our franchise model is designed to accommodate both experienced entrepreneurs and those new to the industry.

The time it takes to recoup your investment can vary based on several factors, including location, customer base, and operational efficiency. Our franchise team will provide financial projections and guidance to help you make informed business decisions.

Yes, Clean Craft offers continuous support to franchisees even after their doors are open for business. We understand that ongoing guidance and assistance are crucial for success, and we take pride in our commitment to our franchisees' growth.

Yes, we encourage ambitious entrepreneurs to expand their business with multiple Clean Craft franchises. Our team will assist you in identifying suitable locations and devising growth strategies to ensure your success across multiple franchise locations.

No, our course is open to individuals with varying experience levels. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, our course is designed to cater to different proficiency levels.

Yes, we offer online learning options for those who prefer the flexibility of remote education. Our online course delivers the same comprehensive curriculum and provides access to experienced instructors through virtual sessions.

Clean Craft's laundry and dry cleaning course stands out due to its hands-on practical training, experienced instructors, industry-recognized certification, networking opportunities, and continuous support. We believe in nurturing talent and providing a holistic learning experience to our students.

Yes, upon successful completion of our laundry and dry cleaning course, you will receive a certificate that is recognized by the industry. This certificate validates your skills and enhances your employability in the laundry and dry cleaning sector.

 Clean Craft provides continuous support and assistance to our students even after they complete the course. We offer career guidance, networking opportunities, and additional resources to help you transition into the industry smoothly.

Our turnaround time for laundry and dry cleaning orders is typically 24 to 48 hours. However, for urgent requirements, we offer express services with shorter processing times.

Yes, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and safe for the environment, ensuring that we contribute to a greener future.

While our laundry process is effective in removing most stains, the outcome depends on the nature and severity of the stain. We have skilled professionals who employ stain removal techniques to tackle tough stains, increasing the chances of successful stain removal.

Scheduling a pickup is easy - simply choose a convenient time and location, and our staff will take care of the rest, ensuring that your garments are collected, cleaned, and delivered to your doorstep.

No, we cater to all orders, regardless of size, with the same level of care and dedication.