• Job Context

    We are looking for pressmen who can work anywhere in India. 

  • Job Responsibility


    1.     Press in charge should check for spotting and cleaning. If found any issue he should not Iron it.

    2.     Machine and Workstation should be cleaned on a regular basis.

    3.     Press cover should always be clean. It should be washed 1st of every month.

    4.     In case the Teflon of the iron gets burnt, replace it.

    5.     Pressman should drain the boiler at the time of shutting down of machines.

    6.     One ironer is expected to iron 100-150 garments a shift.

    7.     Clean branded uniforms are a must for Ironer.

    Press any type of clothes with the speed of

    1) Starch press- 50 Pc per shift

    2) Laundry press- 150 pc per shift

    3) Dry cleaning press- 100 Pc per shift

  • Educational Requirement


  • Experience Requirement

    1 year 

  • Others Benefits


    2-Travel allowance on one side


Dead Line Expired

Jobs Information

  • Company Name

    Clean Craft
  • Job Category

    Ironer -Pressman
  • Job Position

    Laundry Pressman
  • Job Type

    full time
  • Salary

  • Job Location

  • Deadline

    31 Dec 2023