Clean Craft: Revolutionizing the Indian Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry Through Education

The laundry and cleaning service market in India has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, driven by several key factors. The fast-paced urbanization and increasing disposable income have led to a shift in lifestyle, with more individuals and families seeking convenient solutions for their laundry needs. Additionally, the rising awareness of hygiene and cleanliness, especially, has further accelerated the industry's growth. However, the Indian laundry and cleaning service market remains highly unorganized. Several reasons contribute to this state of affairs. The lack of standardized pricing, quality control, and inconsistent service standards have made it challenging for consumers to rely on these services consistently. Moreover, the absence of stringent regulations and a fragmented supply chain exacerbate these issues.

Clean Craft emerged as a pioneering force in 2017, formally registering as a company in 2018. Based in Delhi, Clean Craft's founder, Himanshu Sehrawat, had a vision that transcended mere business. With a background in education, having previously been a government school teacher and lecturer of political science, Himanshu's journey into the laundry and cleaning industry was unconventional. His mission was twofold: to spread education within the industry and to bring much-needed organization to the sector. This commitment led to his creation of India's first book on laundry and cleaning, 'A Guide to Laundry and Cleaning', a laborious endeavor that involved meticulous cataloguing and extensive research. The results have been significant, with Clean Craft establishing institutes focused on laundry and cleaning education. Subsequently, the company expanded its horizons by venturing into franchising.

Clean Craft's unique position in the market lies in its identity as an education-based franchise model company. Not only do We provide a comprehensive range of chemicals and materials, but we also address the critical shortage of laundry and cleaning materials across India. Its commitment extends to training, with an emphasis on nurturing industry newcomers and providing them with guidance on the science of laundry and dry cleaning. 

"We offer franchise genuine services and support to those who seek it. We provide free training to franchise and gold members at the Clean Craft Institute of Laundry and Dry Cleaning without fear that they might choose their path and replace our Brand. Our mission is to create job opportunities and run successful franchise stores nationwide. We're committed to offering guidance and sharing our expertise to anyone who seeks it", emphasizes Himanshu Sehrawat.

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Clean Craft's offerings encompass a wide spectrum of services. Customers can access Himanshu Sehrawat's book, "A Guide to Laundry and Dry Cleaning," to initiate their journey into the world of laundry. Beyond this, Clean Craft supplies consumables and packing materials, offering a one-stop-shop solution for businesses. One of its standout services is the provision of trained manpower, making Clean Craft not just a service provider but also a talent incubator for the industry. Clean Craft's franchise model is novel, boasting a live studio setup, eliminating the need for outsourcing materials. Its processing capacity spans from delicate hankies to hefty three-layer blankets. What sets the firm apart further is its lightning-fast services, offering 55-minute dry cleaning, two-hour laundry, and a groundbreaking 15-minute starching service. Its competitive rates, coupled with an impressive range of services, have established Clean Craft as a leader in the laundry and cleaning service market.

Clean Craft's forward-thinking approach ensures it remains at the forefront of the industry and has strategically imported machinery from Europe tailored to its unique needs. The firm has developed specialized software for each garment, focusing on crucial cleaning factors: time, temperature, mechanical action, and chemical action. Notably, its "Pappy Wash Program" adapts to regional variations, addressing diverse stain challenges. Moreover, Clean Craft has streamlined operations by replacing manual garment tagging with customer and writer applications linked to its point-of-sale software, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Journey of Excellence 

Clean Craft's journey, a testament to founder Himanshu Sehrawat's dedication, began in 2018 with a small shop. Swift expansion ensued, culminating in a 2019 network of 21stores. Diversification into chemicals, technology, the prestigious Clean Craft Institute of Laundry and Dry Cleaning, and a thriving franchise model followed. Expansion was data-driven, shunning speculative leaps. A significant milestone arrived in 2021 with Himanshu Sehrawat's groundbreaking book. 2022 saw the inauguration of its Institute, and a remarkable achievement came in the form of a patented mini-spotting table, a pioneering innovation. Cementing its presence, 2023 marked the establishment of its first live studio model. Today, Clean Craft thrives with Clean Craft Chemicals, Clean Craft Technology, Clean Craft Institute of Laundry and Dry Cleaning, and Clean Craft Franchisee as integral components, poised for ongoing growth and innovation in the laundry and cleaning sector.


Looking ahead, Clean Craft envisions a robust expansion plan. The goal is to extend its presence across India through franchisees while offering strong B2B support. Additionally, the firm plans to launch its detergents in the retail sector, introducing one-liter packaging for wider accessibility. With a vision of reaching 1,000 franchisee stores across India, Clean Craft is set to become a dominant force in the industry.