Laundry and dry cleaning courses in India

Dry Cleaning and laundry institute in India

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have been able to accomplish India’s first Drycleaner in Laundry Institute. The name of the institute for laundry and dry cleaning is clean craft Institute of dry cleaning and Laundry short form CIDL. Its head centre is in Delhi. You can do two types of courses at this institute. You will also get a certificate and job assistance in retail dry-cleaning, hotel laundry, and hospital laundry. We will not only provide job assistance in India but also we will provide job assistance abroad as well.


There are two types of courses

  1. Online course.
  2. Offline course.



Online course for dry cleaning and laundry

you can easily register and do our course. 



Off-line training course for Drycleaner and Laundry

This is an off-line course and its duration is for two months. In this course, there is a 500 marks exam as well. Education qualifications for this course are 10th with at least second division or one year of experience in the field of dry cleaning and laundry. It also includes 15 days of training in retail laundry and dry cleaning 15 days of internship in hotel OPL and 15 days of training in hospital OPL. This also includes customer care, how to handle a shop, ethics of working in a laundry and dry cleaning shop, and much more. This also includes a test in which there are 300 marks for a practical internship, 100 marks for Viva and 100 marks for a written exam for literates candidate. For illiterate candidates having a one-year experience, the test includes 300 marks of practical and 200 marks of viva.




Clean Craft Institute of Laundry and dry cleaning is the first institute in India. We also provide free books and study materials to all our students.