The TRUTH you actually know before buying laundry and dry-cleaning franchise.

Buying a Laundry & a dry cleaning Franchise is a very difficult decision when there are so many different companies in the market.

As we have talked about in our earlier blogs about the pros and cons of buying a franchisee today we will talk about how to buy laundry and dry-cleaning franchises on the basis of work profile, should we buy a laundry franchisee or a dry-cleaning franchisee or is there any other option to buy the combo model of a franchise?


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Today we will talk about the pros and cons in quiet depth. While buying a franchisee one should ask himself some questions. Do you really want to do this business and what if the company does not support you after the franchisee or the company closed due to some reason, will you be able to run the business without the support? The second question you should ask yourself is that there are so many businesses in the market why laundry and dry cleaning?

If you have a convincing truthful answer then I think you should step in this industry.


Laundry franchise:

If you only want to open a laundry franchisee I think this is not a good choice, the only reason is that you will not be able to do dry-cleaning and wet cleaning and you will not be able to provide your customers with the sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning or other cleaning services. In Laundry franchise, you will only be able to do K.G Laundry.

If you are thinking of opening Laundry franchisee in P.G area, hostel area or in Company area I think that you will be able to get a good profit. But if you are looking to open a laundromat in a society or in a market place then it will be very difficult for you to meet your expenses. We have experienced in the past five years that customers are looking for a one-stop solution for all their cleaning needs.


Dry-cleaning franchise:

If you are looking to open a dry cleaning franchisee I don’t think so that it will be a good choice as well. Actually dry-cleaning business is quite a seasonal one its season starts from the first of October which is called the festival season and its ends on the 15th of April which is called the packing season. The other time of the year is mostly the downtime. So to overcome the downtime we have to sell packages of laundry and do other cleaning services as well. A dry cleaning franchisee will only work well in a very posh or H.G.I area where most of the peoples are rich and they are buying pretty costly clothes which can only be dry clean.



Live studio Franchise:

If you are looking to open a live studio franchisee with proper machinery then I think it’s a good choice. In a live studio, you will find out that you can provide both laundry service and dry cleaning services to the customer. More than that you will be able to provide Express service of pressing, Shoe cleaning services, leather cleaning services, and on-site sofa cleaning services. So in nutshell, you will be able to produce a great profit throughout the year and no downtime will hit your business. The live studio is the future of the dry cleaning industry. There are many Business model-selling companies that are selling a fake live studio in the name of life studio. To know about what is a real-live studio, check out the blog.



Well, I think that is better to start late than to start early and ugly. Whenever you are thinking of buying a laundry and dry cleaning business or you are trying to open a franchisee you have to always keep in mind that this setup should last at least 10 years and all the machinery should be of less maintenance. Only then you’ll be able to make a huge profit out of this business.

There is no doubt that this business is truly profitable and this industry is quite new to India. But as both, the couple will be working and more designer clothes hit the market the score for life studio will be high.