Why choose clean craft dry cleaner franchise?

Before you start reading this blog, I just want to say one thing, we are the pioneer in the industry to start the institute on laundry and dry cleaning. This makes us professional. One of the biggest reasons why people choose clean craft or other franchisee businesses is that we provide end-to-end support to all our franchisees and we have a FOFO model for franchisees. Our company has a unique customer success team which is dedicated to B2B and B2C business. We are the first company to write a book and dry cleaning laundry which you can purchase from my website.

Laundry and dry cleaning Franchisee has started in India in the past few years. And many franchisee-selling companies have done fraud against their customers. Because they were only business model companies. Clean Dry Cleaners or actual Dry Cleaners are not business callings model selling companies.


There are other reasons why we are so popular in the industry because

  1. Live studio with 99.9% efficiency.
  2. Patented wash program. ( First in India )- No competitor can copy us.
  3. Certifications.
  4. 100% green detergent. (environment-friendly)
  5. Leather cleaning. (Advance)
  6. 100% programable machine. 
  7. Tie-up with big companies. ( Cost-effective)
  8. Sofa cleaning. ( Onsight)
  9. Express press service.
  10. Laundry premium. 
  11. Wet cleaning. ( Advance)
  12. Premium Dry cleaning (smell-free) for Designer complex garments.



  1. Trained staff.
  2. Online marketing support.
  3. Offline marketing guidance.
  4. Your Training.
  5. Software


Still not satisfied. We don't want to praise ourselves but if you ask anyone about our service they will let you know.

Let's also talk about the financial part we have an idiot-proof model which means our model is watertight and there is no leakage of money anywhere everything is automated. This is the reason why you get at least 32.87% of the profit.  

One of the biggest reasons is that we are not selling a laundromat but we have a live studio model in which you can process leather, Laundry, clean, dry-cleaning, shoe cleaning and leather shoe cleaning. So basically this is a one-stop solution for all the customer need. You can also provide them with premium service and express pressing.