13 Things About Dry Cleaning You May Not Have Known
  1. Dry cleaning is not actually dry: The process uses a solvent, rather than water, to clean clothes. The term "dry cleaning" was coined because water is not used in the cleaning process.

  2. The most common solvent used is perchloroethylene (perc): Perc is a toxic chemical that can be harmful if not properly handled. There is also a growing movement towards using more environmentally friendly solvents in the dry cleaning industry.

  3. Dry cleaning can be more gentle on clothes: Because water is not used in the process, dry cleaning can be gentler on delicate or fragile fabrics that may shrink or become misshapen in a traditional wash.

  4. Not all items can be dry cleaned: Some items, such as silk, are typically only cleaned through dry cleaning. Other items, like leather or suede, cannot be cleaned with any kind of liquid at all.

  5. Dry cleaning can remove tough stains: The solvent used in dry cleaning is often better equipped to remove tough stains than water, making it a good option for removing stubborn spots or spills.

  6. Dry cleaning can be more expensive than traditional washing: Because of the specialized equipment and chemicals involved, dry cleaning can be more expensive than washing clothes in a washing machine.

  7. Some dry cleaners offer additional services: In addition to cleaning clothes, many dry cleaners also offer services such as alterations, leather and suede cleaning, and wedding gown preservation.

  8. The quality of dry cleaning can vary: Just like with any service, the quality of dry cleaning can vary depending on the facility and the expertise of the cleaners. It's a good idea to do some research and find a reputable dry cleaner in your area.

  9. You should always read care labels: Before having any item dry cleaned, it's important to read the care label to make sure that the item can be safely cleaned and to avoid any potential damage to the garment.

  10. Some dry cleaners use green methods: In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, some dry cleaners are using alternative solvents, such as liquid carbon dioxide, that are less toxic and more sustainable.

  11. You should air out dry cleaned clothes: When you bring dry cleaned clothes home, it's important to air them out before putting them away, as the solvent used in the cleaning process can have a lingering odor.

  12. Dry cleaning can prolong the life of your clothes: When done properly, dry cleaning can help prolong the life of your clothes by removing dirt and grime that can cause wear and tear over time.

  13. Dry cleaning can improve the appearance of your clothes: The gentle cleaning process used in dry cleaning can help to refresh and revitalize the appearance of your clothes, making them look clean and crisp.