What are pre spotting Machines

Pre-Spotting is defined as a process of removing spots (Dagh) with certain chemicals before the Cleaning process. It can also involve the Brushing of cuff and collars. The machine which is used in this process is called a spotting machine. This machine comes in different models and it comprises of a compress spotting table boiler steam gun

How to choose a Laundry machine

Machines play a crucial role in the process. They are the most important factor to be considered. A wrong decision in selecting machines can lead to loss of Efficiency Energy Quality Money Which can lead to the total downfall of the business. When you are selecting a machine, you should also consider the capacity on which you want to work. Capacity selection is the most important and first step in selecting the machines. Capacity selection means how many garments or clothes you want to process in a working shift of 9 working hours. This differs from segment to segment it may be retail, hospital, hotels or railways etc.

General wash cycle in laundry or dry cleaning

Wash cycle is the professional way to clean the garments in a step by step process. These steps may vary from laundry to dry cleaning. These processes depend even on the type of garments means their fabric and the type of spoil on the graments

Scope of dry cleaning and laundry in India

Indian market is huge and so its potential. Though there are so many brands in the market still they all are making a good profit due to the never-ending demand from customers. The demand for commercial laundry and dry cleaning has grown tremendously in the past few years. India has the largest growing middle class. According to a survey it was estimated that this sector is worth $ 76 Billion and it is increasing with time. Garment industries have also been increasing and new designs have been introduced by the industry. Dry cleaning is the only option for the consumer to clean their new and designer garments. Moreover, in India in nuclear families, couples are working and have less time to do their laundry. A new market has been created so far for retail laundry as well.

History of Dry Cleaning and Laundry in India

How did India’s dry cleaning and laundry industry develop from ancient times to today’s modern services? Find out in this blog post exploring the captivating history.

What is wet cleaning

As per my knowledge, Wet cleaning was introduced in Europe by a person called Mr Arnold. The first company to introduce wet cleaning was Electrolux. They patented the name lagoon for it. In India particularly it came in 2018. It was called the substitute for dry cleaning. Well enough of history let’s find out all about wet cleaning with reference to Indian cloths

What is Dry cleaning?

As the work suggests it is cleaning without water. But that is partially true. Basically, dry cleaning can be explained as the process in which cloth go in the machine dry and comes out dry. Also as no water is used in the dry-cleaning so is the word dry is involved. So now the question arises

What is a laundromat?

Well by definition a laundromat is a place where clothes are washed. In India, the largest laundromat is in Mumbai. In India, clothes were washed in a place called Ghobi Ghats. Basically, a new version of dhobi ghats is Laundromats. The concept of laundromats started in America in the starting and generally spread to European countries as well. In the early time, they had self-service but later on, they start with coin laundry. So the customer has to purchase coins according to the load. Pressing was available in some of the laundromats. Let's find out the million-dollar question.

Laundry business plan

Opening a laundry business in India is very easy. The laundry business is indeed a great choice. Laundry businesses can be opened in two ways either in a laundromat format or in an O.P.L (on-premises Laundry) both are perfect models. Laundromats can be opened in the area where there are P.G which means where there are companies and people are living as paying guests. A small laundromat can be opened in a society. A laundromat can also be opened in a marketplace where most of the consumers are middle-income groups.

What is a live studio in dry cleaning and laundry industry

Well, there is a big confusion when it’s come to a live studio concept in India. India is very new to this live studio concept of dry cleaning and laundry. Many companies are selling laundry in the name of dry cleaning and live studio concepts. Well, we are Indian and we believe in others too early. So let's find out what is actually a live dry cleaning and laundry studio.